The Age of Beauty

16,21,27,32,38,46,56…just numbers right? I’d like to say yes, but we live in a society that prescribes youth as the cure all to a healthy and happy life. It saddens me to think that we don’t give age the respect that it deserves. No matter how hard I try I don’t understand the perception that youthfulness is the only beautiful. With age women become stunning, because they know themselves better. They no longer put up with bullshit and they know their worth. Above all they know themselves-what works and what doesn’t, they know how to dress, and they embrace their bodies. There’s a type of confidence they exude that’s unparalleled. So maybe it’s time to celebrate the trials and tribulations- because they are what makes you so beautifully YOU!


Celebrate your age!



*Images from Google and Pinterest


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