6 stylish cartoon characters

Stylin the American way!


There are very few women who can pull off a green leotard and tights like Poison Ivy can.


Classy and smart April O’Neil is by far the best cartoon reporter.


Wanderlust Wonder Woman, need I say more?


A bit ditsy, but still very trendy with her purple dress and green scarf,Daphne Blake.


And last, but certainly not least is, Jessica Rabbit. She embodies the perfect women-stylish and sexy and she can sing!


One more pic just because i liked this one of Ms. Rabbit



The Fashion Syllabus of Mrs. Lucille Ball

Out of all the tv housewives (retro, I know) Lucille Ball, better known as Lucy Ricardo from,I Love Lucy, is by far my favorite. She’s bad ass! And of course, she was an icon during one of my favorite time periods: the 50’s. Every time i see pictures of Lucy I’m always struck at how fashionable she is- her bright red lips, shirt dresses, polka dots,and black pumps. All styles that are fashionable in 2012. I love red lips! They are so sexy and classic and look good on the majority of skin tones. I love that Lucille Ball was both beautiful and hilarious. The fact that she played down her glamour, and opted for a more quirky/fun look and pulled it off attests to her iconic style. Not only did I learn a thing or two about embracing and expressing myself using style as my vehicle, but i also learned some inspiring life lessons we could all use :

– The road to success isn’t always a smooth one: Lucille Balls father died when she was three- this was always difficult for a young Lucille Ball. Additionally,her childhood was full of rough patches with and a difficult family life.

– A Penny for Your Thoughts: Lucille Ball grew up very poor. Her family could barely afford to even buy her pencils or school supplies. As her production company and sitcom soared she soon had millions.

– Love yourself, as spoken by Lucy herself:” Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”
Lucille Ball

Read more: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/l/lucille_ball.html#ixzz1qNjIsM5A

-Clickity Clock, Uh OH is that my Biological Clock?
“I try to remind myself and others that the two things my mother wanted most – to have a family and have a career – happened after she turned 40.” -Lucy Arnaz, on her mom, Lucille Ball

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t live your dreams!



Living in the Land of Plastics: One Barbie’s Desire to Break the Mold.

Does anyone else feel like they’re living in the land of plastics? Big boobs, small waist, big lips, small nose…I don’t know about you, but I don’t find plastic attractive. Don’t get my wrong I love makeup, however, I just don’t see myself paying thousands of dollars for fake boobs or lip injections. I’m not entirely sure as to who and when this societal standard of beauty came about. It’s as though a council of plastics set the standard…airbrush this,cover this, loose this,become anything but yourself! I think beauty comes in all forms. Why would you want to be perfect? Especially when there’s such beauty in imperfections. I can get all the plastic surgery in the world, but if I’m not happy with myself deep in my core than its just another external way of masking myself. Beauty is a wide range, embrace yourself because you are beautiful!



Six degrees of fashion separation

Six degrees of separation. It happens to you,a friend of a friend, and me.While six degrees of separation is an unproved theory ( anyone can be connected to another through a chain of acquaintances at any time by no more than five intermediaries) , I believe it to be fairly accurate, especially in the fashion arena. I can’t tell you the countless amount of times I’ve heard a ” friend of a friend who broke into the industry or helped me with (fill in the blank)” – it brings a whole new meaning to it’s not what you know,but WHO you know. This got me thinking about fashion, moreover, fashion as an art form. When I think about art,literature,writing,fashion, history, etc. the defining commonality between all of them is that they are all expressions that keep us connected to one another and our experiences as humans. To me fashion is not only about raising your confidence, feeling good, and looking cute, but it’s an art. Think about the details,sketches, lines, architecture, fabrics, colors of an outfit/dress. It’s one of the ultimate forms of expression and you’re guaranteed that people are going to see what you’re wearing whether you like it or not! So why not be proud & express yourself? Flirt with different patterns, wear something you wouldn’t normally wear? Who knows you may run into a friend of a friend. Sitting here typing this I may not be directly connected with Louis Vuitton, but I am in the sense that I admire and connect with his work and that I’m connected to fashion. We are all connected, cut from the same cloth – like threads woven through an exquisite outfit.

P.s.- isn’t it ironic that it’s six degrees of separation when really its a theory of connection?






That LBD ( little black dress)… from eight years ago

Lately I’ve been forming these weird freaky attachments with a few pieces in my closet from years ago. No matter what I do I can’t seem to muster up the courage to throw them away. Whether it be because they remind me of something or someone…or the ” well what if I want to wear it someday” … Someday?!? I know with spring just about a week away I should be getting focused on that spring cleaning business, and my closet needs it more than anything! I just don’t want to get rid of some of my clothes ( even though I don’t wear them). Instead, I made a pact to myself: I’m going to revamp those few pieces so that I wear them again! As I went shopping through my closet I soon began to realize that the best way to revamp is to accessorize- I personally did it with large bold statement jewelry, bright purses + clutches, hair wraps, and scarfs. I think that as long as you have fairly trendy accessories it should be easy. Also, be playful with your style, flirt with different patterns,textures, and looks. That’s what fashion, and particularly, spring fashion is all about. Try pairing that one peice you can’t get rid of with something you never thought of pairing it with. Take risks. Life’s too short to be anything but extraordinary , stand out + be proud!


Crazy Sexy Heels!

Every time I see a hot pair of heels my irrational crazy sexy side seems to pop up! Boom! Like magic.This last weekend I went out for my birthday, and decided to go with a color theme: black, white, and pink. So of course like most of my female counterparts I had to buy a dress ( besides it was my birthday!) As I’m walking through the mall, looking for a dress, I keep finding myself in the shoe department, and all I could think was how bright + bold + blingy all the heels were. This got me thinking about how a pair of shoes can actually make an outfit. Then I spotted a really cute pair of pink high heels and knew they would make my outfit, so naturally I tried + bought them. They were perfect! Shortly after, my buyers guilt kicked in, and I was thinking about returning them, but i didn’t. Im so glad I didn’t ! I got tons of compliments on them the entire night ( I think they would be super cute with white or buttercup yellow pants). I may need a shoe diet, but I believe that every women deserves to feel good about herself even if that means spoiling herself with a great pair of heels once in a while – I say go for it! The universe wants you to feel pretty.Don’t forget about yourself within this crazy mixed up ride. I’m not saying fill your soul up with materials, you must love yourself first and foremost with or without materials, be your own best friend, but don’t forget about YOU.

Here are my birthday beauty’s :


* mind you I Instagramed this photo.
And, yes, I had a fantastically fun and blessed birthday.

Evolution of Style

Style has always been a passion of mine and always will -that’s the thing about passion ┬áit’s deep within you + lights you; it never fades only grows and becomes an integral part of you. When I think about fashion I think of Style Icons that date back to the 20’s. However, I adore style icons from the 50’s and 60’s like : Twiggy, Julie Christie, Jackie Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn ( one of my favorites). Their style is unparalleled and transcends through time, there’s a sense of romanticism I feel when I think of them, and it’s refreshing. Whether they bathed themselves in diamonds or wore jeans and a white tee they still looked gorgeous- because they loved themselves from within, and as a result it didn’t matter what they were wearing. They listened to their inner sense. Sellf love + knowing thyself = sexy ! So if loving yourself is selfish than love yourself to sexy! In fact, I believe the women who have this figured out are the hottest- because they love themselves, raise their standards,are HAPPY + the most stylish. Fashion is a direct reflection of what’s going on during that time ( Ex. Rock N’ Roll goes hand in hand with fashion-retro winged eyeliner, American Bandstand, and cheetah heels!). We could learn so many style lessons from the past, but that’s a whole new blog/post. One of the many reasons I love fashion is because it’s inspired by the old to make the new hot – its continuously revolutionizing itself just like this journey we call life…

Who and when are some of your favorite style icons/styles? I’d love to hear them .